Bishop Andrew's Visit

We were honoured to welcome the Bishop of Reading to St Paul's. Bishop Andrew led a very special assembly and talked to us about his role as Bishop. He also explained a little about a number of symbolic items of dress which helped us to understand something of his role in the Church.
Pectoral Cross - The Bishop wears a pectoral cross which is usually large and suspended from the neck by a cord or chain. Most pectoral crosses are made of precious metals and some contain precious or semi-precious gems. This large, visible, cross shows how God is close to a bishop’s heart.
Mitre - The head covering worn by Bishops is called a mitre. The shape represents the Holy Spirit which rested on the apostles in the shape of tongues of fire.
Cope - The cope is a very long cloak, open in front and fastened at the breast with a band or clasp. The clasp is called a morse.
Crook or Crosier - A bishop carries this staff to show that he is a ‘shepherd of the flock of God’.
Before he left, the Bishop officially opened and blessed our Prayer Garden in memory of Mrs Slade and Mr Coyle, two much loved and missed members of our school family.