St. Paul's School Governors come from all areas of the community including: school staff, members of the Church, parents and the local community.

The Full Governing Body meet every half term.

 We have 3 main committees that meet at least once every half term and more frequently if required:

  • Learning & Teaching;
  • Finance & Personnel;
  • Health, Safety & Environment.
Minutes of all meetings are recorded and hard copies are available. Please contact the school office for more details.  
The Governing Body at St Pauls C of E Junior School consists of the following as set out in the constitution:

The Governing Body

Four Parent Governors

          Andrew Warren            Russell Dodd             2 Vacancies

One Local Authority Governor

          Penny Wallace

One Headteacher

          Julieanne Taylor

One Staff Governor

          Adam Wilkinson

Four Co-opted Governors

          Linda Edward              3 Vacancies

Three Foundation

          Richard Lamey            Pauline Wells           Vacancy 

If you would be interested in becoming a Governor, please contact the School Office on 0118 978 5219

Who's Who

Name: Penelope (Penny) Wallace

Governor type: Local Authority Governor, Chair of the Full Governing Body

Committees: Finance & Personnel; Health, Safety & Environment

Governor focus: SEN, Year 6

 I am a Foundation Governor and the Chair of Governors.

My school day memories are mostly happy. I went to a village Primary School, where everybody knew everybody, before going away to a boarding school.

The best thing about being a Governor? As a retired teacher, I love being back in school with plenty of scope to keep up with what is going on in education both locally and nationally.

Name: Fr Richard Lamey

Governor type: Foundation, Vice Chair of the Full Governing Body

Committees: Learning and Teaching

Governor focus: Governor Training, Literacy, RE, PPG and Year 3

I am the Rector of St Paul's Church and so am a Foundation Governor.

I also have three children at a neighbouring Junior School so get to see plenty of homework and school reading books. 

I was very happy at my Junior School. I remember huge competition between the classes on Times Tables afternoons, and being a prefect and loads of fascinating things about Romans. 

The two best things about being a Governor are getting to know the pupils and realising how individual and talented and eager to learn they are, and also being able to help the School make sure that the education St Paul's offers is the very best that it can be and as good as our pupils deserve.

Name: Pauline Wells

Governor type: Foundation

Committees: Health, Safety & Environment

Governor focus: Numeracy, Year 6 and Safeguarding

I am a Member of St Paul’s Church, so I am a Foundation Governor.

I can remember being very excited at the world of Mathematics and discovering how everything linked together.

My hope and aim as a Governor is that St Paul’s School is an exciting and safe place to learn about the world.

The best thing about being a Governor is supporting the learning of very special young people.

Name: Rob Palterman 
Governor Type: Staff 
Committee: Health, Safety and Environment 
Focus: Health and Safety
I went to Nine Mile Ride Primary School. My favourite memories of school are of spending long, summer lunchtimes out on the field with my friends and pond dipping in the school nature reserve.
I enjoy my job and being a staff governor feels like the natural next step to assist the staff governors and pupils to enhance the school community.

Name: Russell Dodd

Governor type: Parent

Committees: Health, Safety & Environment

Governor focus: Special Education Needs, Year 4

My association with St Paul's is through my son Jonathan, who was a pupil here. Junior school for me was a very long time ago. My experience was that of a 1960's inner-city school that had many hard edges. I can remember the Headmasters name, it was Mr Pobjoy. He was a very upright man who wasn't to be trifled with – an environment that is the polar opposite to that of St Paul's.

As for becoming a Governor, I wanted to give something back. Jonathan has had such support an encouragement from the school, I hoped that by giving some of my time the school can keep on with its great work.

Name: Linda Edwards

Governor Type: Co-opted

Committees: Finance & Personnel, Learning & Teaching

Governor focus: every aspect of the work of the School

As well as being a Co-opted Governor, I am also a PPA Teacher, Subject Leader for Science and the Deputy Head.

My Grandad and Dad influenced my decision to teach. They both loved learning and found joy in education. I also remember some inspirational teachers who helped me choose the path which has led me to where I am today.

I see learning as a lifelong pursuit. Being involved in the learning journey of the pupils of St Paul's, and of my own children, is exciting and stimulating!

The best thing about being a Governor is that I get to be part of decisions which help improve the overall success of our school. 

Name: Julieanne Taylor

Governnor Type: Ex-Officio

Committee: Learning and Teaching; Personnel and Finance; Health, Safety and Envornment

Focus: every aspect of the work of the School

I really struggled at Junior School and I wasn’t very well behaved. I was regularly sent to the Headteacher. (This happened a lot!) Then I had Mr Bond, the best Y6 teacher ever. He taught me the importance of being the best version of me that I can be. He taught me to be brave and to take risks with my learning. He taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be.

Most parents can name a hundred things they want for their child. For my son, I wanted him to love learning, to be happy at school, surrounded by friends, nurtured by teachers who knew him well and wanted the best for him. I wanted him to go to a school like St Paul’s.

Being the Headteacher of this amazing school is the best job in the world. Being a governor is the 'icing on the cake' as it means that I get to work with a second team of like-minded people who believe that our pupils deserve the very best.

Name: Andrew Warren  
Governor type: Parent 
Committees: Finance  
Governor focus: Year 4
I am a Parent Governor – and have one son at St Paul's, with another joining the school next year. My first 7 years of school were all in French, so I remember having labels put on everything so we could learn the French words for things quickly.  I was lucky to have had some fantastic and very inspirational teachers across the 4 schools I attended.
It's a real privilege being a Governor at St Paul's, and the best thing about it is being able to support the pupils, teachers and staff at such a great place!
Name: Nichola Leon Pastrana
Governor type: Co-opted Governor 
Committees: Learning and Teaching
Governor focus: Year 3
I grew up in Wokingham and have very happy memories of attending Palmer Junior School, (now All Saints C of E). Since then, I have lived and worked in many countries all over the world, including third world countries. My daughter is now at school age, and as I began to think about her education, I began to see how privileged I was to be educated in the UK. 

I am delighted to be a part of St. Paul's and to be able to contribute to the wonderful education that is going on in the school.

The best thing about being a governor is meeting with the children, listening to them and supporting the teachers in their efforts to educate our children.