Welcome to St Paul's - pictures for Year 2

We are very excited that are coming to our school in September!
If you do not already have a big brother or sister at St Paul's then you may not have visited us yet or know quite what to expect.
We have taken lots of photos so that you can 'have a look around' before you come for your transition visits later this term. We have lots of great activities planned for the visits - 3 playtimes, 4 lessons, a tour of the dining hall and even a treasure hunt!
We will do everything to make sure that by July you will have spent time in your new classroom and with your new teacher, played on the playground and be able to find your way around school. That way you can enjoy your summer holiday without having to worry about everything being new in September - and you will know what it feels like to be a member of our very special school family.
If you would like to see a photograph of something that we haven't thought of then ask an adult to contact me on 0118 978 5219 and I will add it to those already here.
There are lots of other photographs in our gallery so do have a good look around.
See you soon.
Mrs Taylor