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Liddington 2022 - Thursday 20th October

Not as many early risers this morning, with some children having to be persuaded to come out from under the duvet! 
Today sees St Paul's having a go at a new activity, Problem Solving, and most groups will be visiting the Sensory Trail. They say that every picture tells a story and the photos from yesterday illustrate what a remarkable group of individuals our Year 6 pupils are. They have been amazing, as has our staff team led by Mrs Armstrong. To take almost ninety children on a four day residential of adventurous activities is a huge undertaking and we are very lucky to have such a hard working team, committed to ensuring that every child is safe and happy and achieves everything they wish to whilst they are away. We are also extremely lucky to have Miss Gilder present for the trip. She kindly volunteered to come back to help with the residential, ensuring we had the right number of adults for the trip to go ahead.
Problem Solving - Problem solving sessions test initiative and ingenuity. Children work in small teams to solve puzzles and complete set tasks. By the time they finish they’ll have an appreciation and understanding of each individual’s ability (including their own!) when it comes to planning, communicating and making decisions – skills which are all key to achieving the objectives of each task.
Sensory Trail - The sensory trail is a challenge in more ways than one. During the activity the children will negotiate a series of obstacles – blindfolded – with the other members of their group for guidance. It’s a challenge which raises questions about our abilities and assumptions, and demands mutual trust, self-belief, and effective communication to complete the course successfully.

The rain today means that some of the equipment is cold, wet and harder to use, but our children are rising to the added challenge. I've been inundated by messages from staff about how caring and supportive the children have been in helping one and other in and out of harnesses and clipping ropes on and off etc.

Many of the PGL team have commented about how impressive it has been to witness our pupils encouraging one another and being genuinely proud of every achievement, not just their own.

More photos just in, including Emily delivering a brilliant dance class to the staff and pupils.
The rain has now stopped and the sun is shining in Liddington.
More news after 5pm.
The children have had a fabulous afternoon, with many discovering a new found love for Fencing!
Having visited the shop, they are now all back in their rooms, persuading their belongings back into suitcases, ready for tomorrow's departure. Next up is a quick bit of room tidying and then it is down to the restaurant  to refuel. Tonight's activity is Film Night, the perfect end to such a tremendously busy day.
More news later.
The children watched the film in pyjamas and then it was straight to bed. Bags are packed and rooms tidied, ready for the final morning of activities Everyone has snuggled down for the night and it was all quiet when the staff did the rounds.

The coaches are due at Liddington around lunchtime tomorrow and will be leaving the site at around 1.45pm.

Traffic permitting, the journey should take approximately an hour and we are looking forward to welcoming the children and staff back sometime around 2.45pm.

We will send out a parent mail confirming that Year 6 are are on their way home and will message again should there be any unexpected delays. Please do not worry about phoning school to check timings as we will provide updates electronically.

We are so proud of the children and their achievements, and of the staff who have worked so hard to ensure the children have had the best time ever! 

Huge thanks to Mrs Thornhill, Mr Donaghy, Miss Plumley, Miss Gilder, Mrs Foster, Mrs Holt, Mrs Judd and Mrs McBain for taking such great care of the children whilst they've been away.

Congratulations Mrs Armstrong, Party Leader, for organising and ensuring that the residential was successful and a great experience for everyone involved.

Signing off until tomorrow.

Sleep well, Mrs Taylor.