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Liddington 2022 - Tuesday 18th October

Tuesday 18th October 1.05pm
Our intrepid explorers were in high spirits this morning but worked hard in the first lesson whilst waiting for the coaches to arrive. There were no hold ups on the journey and the coaches arrived at 11.58am, to find Liddington bathed in sunshine. We are really going to miss the Year 6 pupils and staff this week but know they are in for a fabulous time. 
Bags have now been stowed in the holding room and as I write, the children and staff are in the throes of finishing their picnic lunch.
This afternoon's activities for all of our groups are Crate Challenge and Problem Solving.
Crate Challenge - constructing a tower of crates sounds easy but the challenge is in which team can build the tallest, and whilst having two members standing on the top. Each team must add crates without knocking their team members off. The children on the top of each tower wear safety harnesses and are roped.
Problem solving - these sessions test initiative and ingenuity. Children work in small teams to solve puzzles and complete set tasks. By the time they finish they have an appreciation and understanding of each individual’s ability (including their own!) when it comes to planning, communicating and making decisions – skills which are all key to achieving the objectives of each task.
Check back after 5pm today for more news.
This afternoon, we have also had children abseiling and some on the trapeze. There was a slight tweak to the original schedule and some of our party have been canoeing as well!
As you can see from the photos, everyone is having a marvellous time. They will shortly be fuelling up in the restaurant, ready for tonight's game of Ambush (hide and seek by torch light).
More news later.
The food at Liddington is excellent and there is an extensive menu at every mealtime. The children were ravenous by dinner, enjoying their first visit to the restaurant.  
All three of our children celebrating today were serenaded at dinner and enjoyed sharing their birthday cakes with friends.
More news later.
The children are tucked up in bed and many are now fast asleep. The staff are sat along the corridor waiting for the last few to settle for the night. It has been a busy but very successful first day of the residential and I am now signing off for the evening. More news tomorrow.
Mrs Taylor