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Liddington 2022 - Wednesday 19th October

Photos just in of last night's Ambush activity


Liddington is the most modern of all of the UK PGL sites and as an ex-hotel, it has excellent facilities set in 150 acres of beautiful grounds. The children will have the chance to explore these further today and we had some very excited, early risers, keen to get started on today's adventures! The children had a comfortable night and despite some keeping late hours, all were up, washed, dressed and assembled by 7.20am, ready for an early breakfast. 

After fuelling up on lashings of cereal, toast, fruit and cooked items, they will shortly be heading out for today's activities:

  • Giant Swing
  • Vertical Challenge
  • Canoeing
  • Fencing
  • Archery
  • Climbing

Each group will complete two new challenges this morning and another two after lunch, coming together as a year group for tonight's camp fire and sing song.

Giant Swing - harnessed into a two seater swing which the rest of the group haul up to 10m high. It is up to each pair of passengers as to how high they want to go before pulling the release cord and hurtling down towards the ground, before swinging up again towards the sky. This activity is described as breath-taking!

Vertical Challenge - Pupils will be harnessed and instructed on how to belay one another, before making their way up a vertical course of suspended obstacles that includes climbing walls, cargo nets, crates and ropes. This activity develops physical skills, as well as communication, cooperation and group support.

Canoeing - this is a fantastic opportunity for the children to work together and communicate clearly to control their craft effectively out on the lake. There will certainly be some wet washing making its way back to Wokingham on Friday. It is a Liddington tradition that any child who wishes to takes a dip in the lake at the end of their session!

Fencing - a great workout for both body and brain. It’s challenging, exciting and involves good eye-to-hand coordination, fast footwork, lightning reflexes and even quicker decision-making. It’s a sport that offers huge potential for the enthusiast but it’s also accessible and great fun for beginners too. The PGL staff are qualified instructors who will be teaching the children the basic principles and safety procedures before they progress onto outwitting their opponent.

Archery - Accuracy, control and a steady hand are vital for achieving the best results and children often discover a talent for this new skill, along with learning how to safely handle bows and arrows. 

Climbing - this activity combines different skills, including perseverance, strength, an ability to deal with heights. They also have to put their trust in the instructor and equipment. The children will be climbing on an outdoor climbing tower, with a top rope for safety. 

More news later.

A chilly but dry morning of activities and the children are having a fantastic time. They are definitely getting into their stride and challenging themselves to the limit. They have already burned off their hearty breakfast and are currently having some down time before going into lunch.

Meal times are an event in themselves. There are freshly-prepared hot or cold options available at every mealtime and a self-service salad bar for children to help themselves to as much salad as they like at lunch and dinner. Homemade soup is available most days and there is plenty of bread and fresh fruit available, as well as hot and cold drinks.

Rain is forecast for this evening and so tonight's camp fire has been brought forward to 6.30pm, in the hope that we can avoid the children getting wet.
Message from Year 6 - wish you were here! 
More news after 6pm today.
5:00 pm
Today has been physically demanding and we have some very tired children who are looking forward to fuelling up in the dining hall before going off to the camp fire. Children have been out collecting wood this afternoon and rumour has it that there will be marshmallow toasting and s'mores round the fire this evening!

The children are a credit to St Paul's and we are proud of every single one of our trip goers, particularly in the way they are encouraging one another and celebrating the successes of each member of their group. 

Having been on the go all day, the children have some down time to chill before going into dinner.

More news later.

The bonfire was a roaring success and the children has some time in their rooms, 'chilling' before bed time. I believe that somewhere along the St Paul's corridor, a championship level game of Uno took place, involving three staff and twelve pupils fighting for the coveted prize of a chocolate biscuit! 
Miss Plumley played chief photographer earlier this evening and attempted to capture a picture of everyone enjoying the fire. As you can see, Team St Paul's is made up of lots of happy (but tired) children, many of whom looked as if they were ready to welcome tonight's 8.45pm 'lights out' with open arms. 
Singing off now - sleep well.
Mrs Taylor