Friday 25th October 2019

All is well at Liddington. The children needed to be prised out of bed this morning and many are looking forward to sleeping at home tonight (as are the staff)!
The children are currently tucking into breakfast before heading out for this morning's activities.  Beds are stripped and rooms emptied.  Jodie, Emily and Millie did a sterling job of being superstar bedding and rubbish clearers, whilst others were packing their final bits and pieces.  
Kenjer, Bradley and Gethin have been amazing holding open all of the doors for the luggage-bearers and directing them to the right storeroom.
As you can see from the photo below (kindly texted by Mrs Bond as we are still not receiving photographs due to technical issues at the Liddington end) the birthday boy is in fine spirits.
This morning's activities are Problem Solving and the Vertical Challenge
Problem Solving - Problem solving sessions test the children's initiative and ingenuity. Children work in small teams to solve puzzles and complete set tasks.
Vertical Challenge - This is like any ground-based challenge course – but it all takes place at height! The children are harnessed and instructed on how to belay each other. They make their way up a course of suspended obstacles that includes climbing walls, cargo nets, crates and ropes. 
After a busy morning, the children had their final Liddington feast! The food this week has been brilliant and all of the children have eaten well throughout their time away.
Ollie was regaled with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday To You and he and his friends enjoyed his celebration cake!
Everyone is feeling exceptionally proud of their achievements this week but many have started to flag as it has been non-stop activities since Tuesday's arrival. Once the last of the bags are on the coach and toilet trips completed, the children will soon be on their way home.
The coaches are due to leave Liddington at 2.00pm.
Traffic permitting, the journey should take an hour and we are looking forward to welcoming the children and staff back sometime around 3.00pm.
We will send out a parent mail confirming that Year 6 are are on their way home and will message again should there be any unexpected delays. Please do not worry about phoning school to check timings as we will provide updates electronically.
The Murray Road gates will be open to pedestrians from 2.40pm onwards. there will be NO parking on the playground.
For children with medication - once you have been reunited with your child and their bags, please collect the medication and medicine form from Mrs McBain who will be waiting for you in the library.