Friday 6th October

The camp fire was great - it was a clear night with a beautiful full moon - and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
This morning our weary travellers were reluctant to crawl out from under their duvets but Mr Wilkinson serenaded them and this seemed to do the trick. Bags are packed, some better than others!
I am pleased to report that despite knocking himself out whilst playing hide and seek, Joel is absolutely fine - no concussion or adverse effects. The hospital were happy for him to join in with this morning's activities so despite the 'excitement' of a trip to A&E, he hasn't missed out. 
Full details of timings for Year 6's return were posted on yesterday's page to save parents the extra job of having to phone school to check. If there are any changes to this information, we will advise via parent mail message.
More news later.
The sun is shining in Liddington and the children are busy, busy, busy.  This morning's activities are:
Problem Solving
Zip Wire
Orienteering - the children are taught practical map reading skills. They work in small groups to locate control points around the grounds. The idea is to find them all in the least amount of time to beat the opposing team.
Well done to Mrs Brook's group. The PGL instructors have just given them a round of applause, praising them for being so enthusiastic and because willing to try anything.
More news later.
and finally......................................
Melisska and Amelka celebrated their birthday in style, rounding off lunch with some delicious cake to share with their friends. Happy Birthday girls!
The coaches left a few minutes after 2pm and are expected back at approximately 2.45pm
We hope that you have enjoyed following the children's exploits this week. We are VERY excited about welcoming everyone back safe and sound - we have really missed them.
No more news later!
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Taylor