House System

We have four houses; Jameson, Lewis, Selwyn & Walter.

House Captains have a number of different responsibilities, many of which involve helping to take care of our community. They work in the office at lunchtime, are in charge of the lost property store and help us manage the school environment. They also help organise several sporting events each year. 

They do a fantastic job and we could not manage without their contribution. 

Next week - 24th to 28th September 2018 -  is Election Week. during which prospective candidates will have the opportunity to address the whole school.  On Thursday afternoon, pupils will visit our Polling Station to cast their vote. The girl and boy earning the highest number of votes will be awarded the title of House Captain.

House Points

Our reward system is based on housepoints which are earned on an individual basis but then contribute towards a collective total each week. They are stored in 4 large perspex boxes on the main corridor, outside the hall, so the children can see them mounting up.

Each week, the points are weighed and the winning House is presented with ribbons for the House Cup. The reward, an additional playtime on Friday afternoon . We keep a running record of number of wins by awarding a second set of ribbons to the victor's mini house.