In the morning .......

During the first few day, your teacher will meet you on the playground at the class bus stop. Once all of your classmates have arrived, you will walk into school together. Your parents are very welcome to join you on the playground on the first day. After that, you will be sure of where to go and can leave them at the wooden gate.

Normally, the school gates open 8:30am and children wait on the playground until doors open at 8.40pm. There is always a member of staff on the playground to supervise at the start of the day.

Messages for teachers can be left with the member of staff on duty. They will ensure it is passed on to your child’s class teacher.

On arrival in the classroom, you hang up your coat and bag whilst your teacher takes the register and lunch orders.

How do I order lunch?

If you are having a school lunch, you choose which option you would like from the menu. The menu for the Autumn Term will be available on our website as soon as it has been finalised.

Your teacher will remind you of the options before you decide what to order.

Will I be given a snack at break time?

At St Paul's, You will need to bring in your own snack for break time. We allow only fruit, vegetables or healthy cereal bars (NO NUTS).

Crisps, chocolate, biscuits and sweets are not permitted as a break time snack.