Questions asked during transition visits ....

What will we be learning about in English?

Our first topic is story writing. We will be looking at a wonderful example of a story .and using some of the techniques a published author has used in our own writing

What is our first history topic?

In history, we will be learning about the Stone Age. We will be doing lots of fun and exciting activities linked to this period in history!

When do we go swimming?

Usually, for the first half of the autumn term, we will swim once a week. The pool is open air and so generally it closes at October half term. If it is nice and sunny, it reopens at Easter and we swim until the end of the summer term in July.

How deep is the pool? 

The pool is one depth - 90 cm deep throughout. There are foam woggles and hand held floats for anyone who would like a little bit of help when learning to swim or practising a new technique.

Which clubs can I join?

There are lots of different clubs at St Paul's. Some run before school, some are held at lunch time and some take place after school. The list of clubs we offer is a long one and details will be sent out to your parents at the start of the autumn Term. These include: judo, yoga, scrap-booking, chess and Lego club.