Thursday 18th October 2018

Some children were slower to crawl out from under their duvets this morning than they were yesterday but with another hearty breakfast under their belts, they are now all raring to go.
Everyone was over the moon to see James G appear earlier and he was greeted with a spontaneous round of cheering and applause. He has been poorly this week and had to stay behind on Tuesday. It looked as if he might have to miss the whole trip but I am delighted to report that he is now fighting fit and looking forward to today's activities.
The children have a busy schedule - we currently have groups spread out across the site, canoeing, abseiling and climbing Jacob's Ladder. Others are daring the heights, riding the giant swing and zip wire. 
As you can see from the first photos in, the sun is shining over Liddington.
More news later.
Mrs Taylor
So far this week, we have celebrated two birthday girls, Tabitha and Celeste. Both were serenaded with a tuneful rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' and relished being able to go first in each activity. Rumour has it that some delicious looking birthday cakes were spotted being loaded onto the coach on Tuesday!
The temperature has dropped a little and so hats and gloves have been donned and the children have layered up. It is still dry.
The sun is shining and the children have consumed a hearty lunch. They have all had the opportunity to visit the shop and to tidy their rooms in preparation for bag packing later today.
So many children have pushed themselves to the limit, particularly with some of today's activities. Fears have been conquered, heights have been scaled, and our pupils are, quite rightly, feeling exceptionally proud of their achievements!
Their behaviour has been outstanding throughout the expedition and they are an absolute credit to the school and to their parents!
More news later.
Mrs Taylor
As the trip draws to a close, the children have spent the evening singing round the campfire.  Bags are packed and rooms tidied within an inch of their lives, ready for tomorrow's departure.
We couldn't be prouder of the children, their efforts and with how well they have worked together over the last three days.
They say that every picture tells a story and the Liddington photos are evidence of the amazing time had by all. The children have been extremely well cared for, supported and encouraged by the an exceptional staff team, who we are equally proud of!
Huge thanks to Mr Day, Miss Lavrich, Mrs Carless, Mrs Holt, Mrs McBain, Mrs Brook, Mrs Hallows, Mrs Foster and Mrs Maggs.
Congratulations Mrs Wilson, Party Leader, for organising and ensuring that the residential was successful and a great experience for everyone involved.
The coaches are due at Liddington around lunchtime tomorrow and will be leaving the site at 2.00pm to head back to school.
Traffic permitting, the journey should take 45 minutes to an hour and we are looking forward to welcoming the children and staff back sometime around 2.45 - 3.00pm.
We will send out a parent mail confirming that Year 6 are are on their way home and will message again should there be any unexpected delays. Please do not worry about phoning school to check timings as we will provide updates electronically.
The Murray Road gates will be open to pedestrians from 2.30pm onwards.