Thursday 24th October 2019

The children all had a good night's rest and are raring to go this morning.  They are currently having breakfast and will then be setting off for today's activities.  
Choice of 3 Cereals with Semi-Skimmed Milk
Assorted Yoghurts
White & Brown Toast with Preserves
Vegetable Sausages
Scrambled Eggs
Grilled Tomato
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Hot & Cold Drinks
We are experiencing difficulties in sending large quantities of photos back to school, but we're working on it.
More news later.
Mrs Taylor
This morning was grey and overcast and despite keeping their fingers crossed it has begun to rain.  
After their busy morning the children were "starving" by the time they reached the dining hall.
Homemade Soup of the Day
Choice of Breads
Salad Bar
Pasta Bar
Choice of Meat or Vegetarian
Garlic Bread Seasonal
Fresh Fruit
Hot & Cold Drinks
A number of instructors have commented on how supportive and sportsmanlike the children are and even after the heavens opened, the children gave their very best in each of the activities.  Once again, many of the children have shown great bravery and courage in overcoming their fears, scaling the climbing wall, abseiling and climbing Jacob's Ladder.
We are still unable to post photographs as they appeared to have got stuck somewhere in the ether between Liddington and school!
Today the children are abseiling, buggy building, completing the sensory trail.  Others are down on the archery range.  
Abseiling - The tower is over 10 metres high. The task - to walk backwards off the top, gradually working back towards ground level, suspended only on a rope. It’s all about trust, courage and confidence. As yesterday's photos showed, the performance of our children has been breathtaking!
Sensory Trail - The sensory trail is a challenge in more ways than one. During the activity the children negotiate a series of obstacles – blindfolded – with the other members of their group guiding them.
Archery - Accuracy, control and a steady hand are vital for achieving the best results and many of our children have discovered a talent for this activity.
Buggy Building - The challenge is to design and build a robust and working buggy using large plastic barrels, ropes and poles. Once buggies are ready to be ridden, the children attempt a number of challenges such as completing a slalom course!
7.00 pm
We are still having problems with photographs but all is well at Liddington.
Once our intrepid explorers have returned, we will download the pictures from all 8 cameras and post them on the Liddington pages straight after half term. 
The children have begun packing for tomorrow's departure but managed to squeeze in a quick game of Tag before dinner. It has been raining on and off this afternoon and so tonight's outdoor event has been swapped for a Movie Night instead. 
The children are currently in the dining hall and tonight's menu is:
Homemade Soup of the Day
Salad Bar
Chicken Chunks with Sweet and Sour Sauce 
Vegetable Korma
Root Vegetable Bake
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Rice Pudding and Jam
Hot & Cold Drinks
The rain today meant that some of the equipment was cold, wet and harder to use, but our children rose to the challenge. I've been inundated by messages from staff about how caring and supportive the children have been in helping one and other in and out of harnesses and clipping ropes on and off etc.
Year 6 are an absolute credit to the school and to you. The PGL team have commented too about how impressive it has been to witness our pupils encouraging one another and being genuinely proud of every achievement, not just their own.
Huge thanks to Mrs Allen, Mrs Bond, Miss Gilder, Mrs Foster, Mrs Hallows, Mrs Holt, Mrs Maggs and Mrs McBain.
Congratulations Mrs Wilson, Party Leader, for organising and ensuring that the residential was successful and a great experience for everyone involved.
More news later.
Mrs Taylor
The children watched the film in pyjamas and then it was straight to bed. Bags are packed and rooms tidied, ready for the final morning of activities Everyone has snuggled down for the night and it was all quiet when Mrs Wilson did the rounds.
The coaches are due at Liddington around lunchtime tomorrow and will be leaving the site at 2.00pm to head back to school.
Traffic permitting, the journey should take approximately an hour and we are looking forward to welcoming the children and staff back sometime around 3.00pm.
We will send out a parent mail confirming that Year 6 are are on their way home and will message again should there be any unexpected delays. Please do not worry about phoning school to check timings as we will provide updates electronically.
The Murray Road gates will be open to pedestrians from 2.40pm onwards.
More news tomorrow.
Sleep well,
Mrs Taylor