Thursday 5th October

Everyone had a good night's sleep after having such a busy day yesterday.
A slightly damp start this morning but by the time the children had consumed another hearty breakfast and arrived at their activities, the sun had come out.
Today's new challenges are canoeing and abseiling.

Canoeing - unlike a kayak, canoes are open topped and many take more than one person. This is always a popular and exciting activity – and occasionally very wet!

Abseiling - is an exhilarating activity that involves scaling down the side of a purpose built tower. 

Those children on the Challenge Course are being tested to the limit. Some have to complete the course whilst holding onto a rope joining them together. This requires excellent team work and cooperation.
In one of the photos you can see some of the boys with two plastic hoops. Their challenge is to do a lap of the course, only touching the ground within the hoop.
What a talented bunch!
The children are certainly working up an appetite for lunch. The sun is still shining and everyone is feeling very proud of their achievements, including Mrs Hallows!
More news later.
A very busy day for the children - they have been at it non stop. Bags are packed and rooms tidied ready for tomorrow's departure. By this evening some were beginning to flag ever so slightly and what better way to spend a cool Autumn evening than round a huge camp fire? 
The coaches are due at Liddington around lunchtime tomorrow and will be leaving to head back to school at 2.00pm.
Traffic permitting, the journey should take about 45 minutes and we are looking forward to welcoming the children and staff back at around 2.45pm. We will send out a parent mail to let parents know when the children are on their way home and again if there are any unexpected delays.
The Murray Road gates will be open to pedestrians from 2.30pm onwards.
8.15 pm
The children have been an absolute credit to their parents and wonderful ambassadors for St Paul's. We couldn't be prouder of their efforts or with how well they have worked together over the last few days.
They say that every picture tells a story and the Liddington photos are evidence of the amazing time had by all. The children have been extremely well cared for, supported and encouraged by the agreat staff team, who we are equally proud of!
Huge thanks to Mr Day, Mr Wilkinson, Mrs Wiles, Mrs Westlake, Mrs McBain, Mrs Brook, Mrs Hallows, Mrs Holt and Mrs Maggs.
Congratulations Mrs Wilson, Party Leader, for organising and ensuring that the residential was successful and happy for everyone involved.