Tuesday 16th October 2018

The children and staff were in very good spirits this morning and by the time all the luggage was loaded onto the coaches, our intrepid explorers departed just before 10.00am.

Thank you to the parents who helped us load the bags onto the coaches. It made the job very easy!

The journey to Liddington takes approximately an hour (traffic permitting) and a parent mail will be sent confirming safe arrival.

More news later.

Mrs Taylor

All is well at Liddington and the children are having a great time. The team is experiencing technical difficulties in sending photographs but we are working hard to resolve this at the moment.
More news later.
The teachers and coach drivers were very impressed with the behaviour of the children during the journey - a great start to the Lidddington residential. Well done Year 6!
There was a lot of excitement about locating rooms and exploring the site and its excellent facilities. Once rooms were sorted and bags deposited, the children were off outside for a packed lunch. 
Everyone is in high spirits and although a little overcast and grey, the rain held off for the afternoon.
We are still experiencing some technical problems and only two photos have arrived from Liddington as yet but here is a flavour of what the children have been up to since lunch.
Survivor - an activity where the children find out if they have what it takes to survive and learn skills to stay warm and dry when all they have is what they can forage for in the woods. Each team must plan their camp, taking into account the prevailing weather and then share out tasks to get the shelter built before time runs out...
Challenge Course - a mind boggling range of obstacles to climb over, crawl under and balance on. Sometimes muddy, sometimes wet, always challenging.
Giant Swing - harnessed into a two seater swing which the rest of the group haul up to 10m high. It is up to each pair of passengers as to how high they want to go before pulling the release cord and hurtling down towards the ground, before swinging up again towards the sky. This activity is described as breath-taking!
Sensory Trail - here the children must follow the rope to see what surprises await. Blindfolded for this activity, they rely on all of their other senses to work out exactly what is happening.
Crate Challenge - constructing a tower of crates sounds easy but the challenge is in which team can build the tallest, and whilst having two members standing on the top. Each team must add crates without knocking team their team members off. The children on the top of each tower are wearing harnesses and safety ropes just in case.
More news (and hopefully lots of photos) later.
Thanks to Mrs Brook and Mrs Wilson's efforts, we now have a whole host of photographs from this afternoon and this evening. Every picture tells a story and clearly the children are having an amazing time!
Message from Mrs Wilson, "Lights are out, rooms are quiet and the children well settled."
More news tomorrow.
Sleep well.
Mrs Taylor