Tuesday 22nd October 2019


The children and staff were in excellent good spirits this morning and by the time the luggage was loaded, toilets visited and all medication signed for, it was just after 9.45am when our intrepid explorers departed.

Thank you to the parents who helped with loading - it made the job very easy!

The journey to Liddington takes approximately an hour (traffic permitting) and a parent mail will be sent confirming safe arrival.

More news later.

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Wilson reports that our children have been brilliant - far more patient than the adults with all of the waiting for this afternoon's activities to begin!
With bags stowed and lunch eaten, the children are now out and about trying their hand at the first of their activities, climbing and orienteering. As the photos show, everyone is having a good time in the sunshine! 
At the climbing wall, the children are having to combine different skills including perseverance, strength, and the ability to deal with heights. They also have to put their trust in their belay partner and equipment. Those who have never tried it before are finding it an exhilarating experience.
Orienteering makes an excellent introduction to practical map-reading and is an exciting way to get to know the surroundings at the centre. Pupils work in small teams to locate control points across the grounds. Essentially a competitive activity, the idea is for each group to find all the controls more quickly than the others. The activity helps them to improve decision-making, map reading skills and how to accurately judge distances.
More news after 7pm.
Worn out by their action packed afternoon, the children ate a hearty dinner before donning layers and heading out to tonight's camp fire for a sing song. What a brilliant way to round off the first day!
More news later.
The children are now back in their rooms and ready for bed. Mrs Wilson and the team are just doing the rounds to check everyone is tucked up and settled for the night and then it will be lights out.
More news tomorrow.
Sleep well,
Mrs Taylor