Wednesday 23rd October 2019

All well at Liddington - a good night was had by all.  Breakfast is at the very civilised time of 8.05am and the children are currently fuelling up for the busy day ahead.  
More news later.
9.06 am
All breakfasted - sausages, beans and mushrooms - and raring to go.  The fog is lifting but there is quite a chill in the air.

A taste of today's activities ......

Crate Challenge - constructing a tower of crates sounds easy but the challenge is in which team can build the tallest, and whilst having two members standing on the top. Each team must add crates without knocking their team members off. The children on the top of each tower are wearing harnesses and safety ropes just in case.

Climbing - climbing may look easy but it needs a surprising amount of strength and agility. Today the children are scaling the outdoor climbing tower. There is masses to learn and even before they leave the ground they are shown how to identify and control risk and how to belay a climber safely. They also have an introduction to the basic skills and techniques of climbing. Once on the wall it’s determination, clear thinking and adrenaline that helps our climbers get to the top!

Survivor - an activity where the children find out if they have what it takes to survive and learn skills to stay warm and dry when all they have is what they can forage for in the woods. Each team must plan their camp, taking into account the prevailing weather and then share out tasks to get the shelter built before time runs out...

Challenge Course - a mind boggling range of obstacles to climb over, crawl under and balance on. Sometimes muddy, sometimes wet, always challenging.

Jacob's Ladder - This is an exercise in teamwork and friendly cooperation. Teams of three climb to the top of a suspended ladder of logs. The gaps between each log become wider the higher you go. Pushing up, pulling up, standing on shoulders - it’s all about working together to achieve a joint purpose. The children are having to use communication, discussion, leadership and decision-making skills to get to the top!

Four of our groups are currently visiting the shop before going in for lunch. The rest of the children are enjoying a few minutes of well-deserved quiet time and have gone back to their rooms. Everyone is cheerful, hungry and very excited about the prospect of this afternoon's adventures! 
The weather at Liddington is cloudy but dry and cool - quite a contrast to yesterday. The children are making the best of every opportunity, even sneaking in a quick game of Chaks Tag as lunch is running slightly late.


Homemade Soup of the Day

Choice of homemade breads, including gluten free

Jacket Potato - choice of meat & vegetarian fillings

Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Salad Bar

Hot & Cold Drinks


More news this evening.
Dinner went down very well, with the children able to choose from a wide variety of dishes. No child every goes hungry at Liddington!
Homemade Soup of the Day
Salad Bar
Mexican Beef Chilli
Fish Fingers
Sticky Hoisin Noodles
Rice or Chips
Mixed Vegetables
Baked Beans 
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Hot & Cold Drinks
The last activity of the day was the PGL Sports Night. The children were organised into teams and had a brilliant time, racing round the field playing games like Dodge Ball and Ultimate Frisbee.
Mrs Wilson says that we have a lot of very happy but tired children this evening, many of whom are looking forward to bed time. Hardly surprising as they have been on the go since 7.15am this morning and have managed to squeeze in four different activities, a trip to the shop and an evening outside on the field. 
The children are now back in their rooms and preparing for bed. They have the next half an hour for 'down time' and then it is lights out at 9.00pm. 
It is clear from the photos that the children are happy and having a great time. The St Paul's staff team are doing a fabulous job of supporting them and helping them to conquer their fears. There are lots of very proud children who have achieved the 'unthinkable' in the last two days. What an amazing bunch!
No more news until tomorrow.
Sleep well,
Mrs Taylor