Wednesday 4th October

8.00 am
The children slept well and were up with the lark for their early breakfast slot. After fuelling up on lashings of cereal, toast, fruit and cooked items, they headed out for this morning's activities:
Raft Building
Crate Challenge
Problem Solving
Zip Wire
Sensory Trail
The weather is cool and dry, perfect conditions for lots of energetic activity! 
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The children are being tremendously supportive and encouraging of one another. Mrs Wilson has been particularly impressed by the kindness shown to others by Liam, Katie, Melisska, Esme and Zaynah.
Year 6 are having an amazing time and testing their skills to the limit, especially out on the water. The  raft building has been a huge success, with only some of the children taking the plunge!
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A taste of today's new activities

Crate Challenge - constructing a tower of crates sounds easy but the challenge is in which team can build the tallest, and whilst having two members standing on the top. Each team must add crates without knocking team their team members off. The children on the top of each tower are wearing harnesses and safety ropes just in case.

Raft Building - build a raft that will float (and hopefully steer) using the barrels, ropes and wood provided. Once built, the team has to test their craft out on the water. Whether they stay dry depends on how well they work together.

Climbing - climbing may look easy but it needs a surprising amount of strength and agility. Today the children are scaling the outdoor climbing tower. There is masses to learn and even before they leave the ground they are shown how to identify and control risk and how to belay a climber safely. They also have an introduction to the basic skills and techniques of climbing. Once on the wall it’s determination, clear thinking and adrenaline that helps our climbers get to the top!

Zip Wire - travelling at high speed, suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable isn't something easily forgotten. A truly exhilarating activity!

Problem Solving  - this activity involves trying to outwit the opposing team by being the first to solve complex puzzles and tasks.


Hat's off to Charlie and Caiden!

Charlie succeeded on his third attempt on the Zip Wire and is quite rightly very proud of himself. Caiden decided to sit out but at the very last minute changed his mind and he too succeeded in overcoming his fears and coming down the wire! 


Congratulations to Mr Day's group who have really 'pulled out all the stops' and are now working like a dream team!

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The children feasted on fish fingers and vegetarian sausage rolls and then went outside to play a game of 'All in Tag' before the afternoon's activities got underway. I have it on good authority that Mr Wilkinson thoroughly enjoyed running round the field after lunch:)

What a busy afternoon! The children didn't stop once. The photos clearly show what an amazing and fun filled time they are all having. How brave are Year 6?
The PGL Group Leader praised Mrs Westlake's group on how they had really come together as a team this afternoon, supporting and spurring one another on.
Mrs Brook has been particularly impressed by how cohesive and inclusive her group have been. Not only have they been a pleasure to work with but they were also amazing at raft building! Having been challenged to stand up, turn 360 degrees and swap places, they all managed to remain dry and afloat!
Another pit stop at the dining hall and then the children were off again for this evening's activity, Robot Wars. Our Year 6 roboteers will pit their design skills against those of other contenders to come up with the most inspirational robot design!
As you can see from the photos, the St Paul's robot design engineers are taking this challenge VERY seriously.
Just in, another batch of photos from today's adventures.
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An extremely tiring day and many of the children were very pleased to turn in for the night. Year 6 are all in bed, lights are out and many of them are already asleep.
More news tomorrow.
Mrs Taylor