We will be holding our Y2 to Y3 Parents’ Information Meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 22nd June. Entry to this event will be via the Oxford Road entrance and we are looking forward to welcoming you to St Paul's!

Maths Links

Try some of these sites to help with your Maths skills
Several maths activities to help with your mental maths and SATs revision.
Many cool maths games split into 7 topics.
Lots of video clips explaining how maths works.
Why do numbers and formulas matter? In this site see how knowing about sums, averages, shapes, graphs and measurements can help you out with many tasks.
Maths dictionary
Try out some of these games: Farm Freak Out, Dinosaur Dig, Fantastic Fish Shop, Car Wash, Sketch’s World, Granny Prix, Window Washer, Minko’s Milkshape Shoppe, Ping Pong Panda, Baxley Bear, Winstons Detective Agency, Patty’s Paints, Colour Creations
Explore the fun side of maths with thinking games, number puzzles, and more!