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Filtering and Monitoring

It is always helpful for parents to understand what safeguarding systems we have in place to protect our pupils and as well as an extensive range of policies, procedures and training for staff, every year group has online safety lessons as part of the Computing Curriculum.

In addition, we also have filtering and monitoring systems in place.

What is filtering and monitoring?

Filtering systems block access to harmful websites and content.

Monitoring systems:

  • Identify when someone searches for or accesses certain types of harmful online content on school devices;
  • Identify who is searching for or accessing the harmful content;
  • Alert the school about it so we can intervene and respond;

 Whilst no filtering and monitoring software is perfect, all of our staff are vigilant when pupils are online and ensure the appropriate use of the internet by:

  • Monitoring what pupils are accessing on devices during school hours;
  • Ensuring that children do not use any device unless in the presence of an adult;
  • Ensuring that screens are visible at all times;
  • Circulating around the classroom/ICT Suite during computing lessons or when the I-pads are in use.

 What systems do we use?

  • Our internet provider is RM;
  • We use RM Safety Net software which provides our firewall and our filtering and monitoring combined;
  • The software blocks certain websites or search terms & alerts the Designated Safeguarding Lead, the Deputy DSL and IT Technician.
From this, we are able to identify the computer, user, time and date of the search, as well as the URL. This enables us to view the information that the user was trying to access and take appropriate action.

   Inappropriate content includes:

  • Illegal content (e.g. child sexual abuse);
  • Discriminatory content (e.g. sexist, racist or homophobic content);
  • Sites that promote drugs or substance abuse;
  • Extremist content (e.g. the promotion of terrorism);
  • Gambling sites;
  • Malware and/or hacking software;
  • Pornography;
  • Pirated material (copyright theft);
  • Sites that promote self-harm, suicide and/or eating disorders;
  • Violent material.

All staff have a safeguarding duty for filtering and monitoring, which is why we ask our teachers and learning mentors to complete certificated online safety training each year. Online Safety also features in our staff Safeguarding Bulletins and refresher training through the year. Should you have any queries or would like more information, please contact our IT Technician.