Collective Worship

Collective Worship plays an important part in the life of the School. It is an oasis in the school day when children meet together in a calm and peaceful atmosphere and where all present are given the opportunity to reflect and participate. It is regarded as ‘quality’ time and represents something special and separate from ordinary school routine.

 Through participating in Collective Worship pupils:

  • Develop an understanding and knowledge of the key concepts and values involved in religions and in religious worship with special regards to Christianity and the Anglican tradition;
  • Learn to appreciate how symbolism is used in Christianity and other world religions;
  • Become aware of and reflect on the personal commitment needed when adopting certain ideals, forms of behaviour, values and religious practice;
  • Develop skills of communicating, analysing, enquiring, reflecting, listening, openness, respect for others and the importance of choice;
  • Develop an awareness of the questions and issues of community, at a personal, national and international level.