We will be holding our Y2 to Y3 Parents’ Information Meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 22nd June. Entry to this event will be via the Oxford Road entrance and we are looking forward to welcoming you to St Paul's!

Pupil Premium

'If the focus is on ambitious, excellent outcomes for every individual learner, narrowing the gap is a by-product.' (John Dunford, National Pupil Premium Champion)

The primary aim of our school is to ensure that all children have access to every aspect of the school’s provision to help them attain the highest possible standards of progress and achievement, in relation to their individual starting points. Every effort is made to ensure all pupils make excellent progress and to do so, some children may require additional support and resources from time to time.

The school is allocated additional funding in the form of the Pupil Premium Grant. This is used to support the learning, development and achievement of some of our most vulnerable children. 

Details of the funding allocation can be found in the document below, with information about how we used our the previous year's allocation to support learning and progress.