St. Paul's School Governors come from all areas including: school staff, members of the Church, parents and the local community.

The Full Governing Body meet every half term.

We have 3 main committees that meet at least once every half term and more frequently if required:

  • Learning & Teaching;
  • Finance & Personnel;
  • Health, Safety & Environment.
Minutes of meetings are recorded and hard copies are available. Please contact the school office for more details.  
The Governing Body at St Pauls C of E Junior School consists of the following as set out in the constitution:

The Governing Body

Four Parent Governors

          Peter Collins - Chair          Rachel Minter         Ourania Tomlinson         Vacancy

One Local Authority Governor

          Penny Wallace - Vice Chair

One Headteacher

          Julieanne Taylor

Four Co-opted Governors

          Linda Edward     Colin Hudson    James Richardson    Graham Swannell     

Three Foundation Governos

          Richard Lamey - Vice-Chair       Jan Norbury     Alan Harrison

If you might be interested in becoming a Governor, please contact the School Office on 0118 978 5219

Peter Collins

Governor type:    Parent and Chair of the Full Governing Body

Committee:           Finance & Personnel

Focus: all aspects of the work of the school, particularly pupil outcomes

I am a parent governor and it’s a great pleasure to be able to support the work of the school. I have a son in Year 6 who loves being at St Paul’s and am a secondary school Headteacher during the daytime.

 My best memories from junior school are of getting involved in clubs after school and having the opportunity to go on some amazing trips with great teachers.

Name: Linda Edwards

Governor Type: Co-opted

Committees: Finance & Personnel, Learning & Teaching

Focus: every aspect of the work of the School

As well as being a Co-opted Governor, I am also a Y6 Teacher, Assessment Leader and the Deputy Head.

My Grandad and Dad influenced my decision to teach. They both loved learning and found joy in education. I also remember some inspirational teachers who helped me choose the path which has led me to where I am today.

I see learning as a lifelong pursuit. Being involved in the learning journey of the pupils of St Paul's, and of my own children, is exciting and stimulating!

The best thing about being a Governor is that I get to be part of decisions which help improve the overall success of our school. 

Alan Harrison

Governor Type:       Foundation

Committee:         Health & Safety

I am a regular attender at St. Paul’s church and a member of the PCC, so it is a real privilege to be invited to join the school’s Governing Body and thereby support the school in maintaining and promoting Christian values whilst ensuring that, so far as possible, each child is nurtured and cared for. I do have some past experience of School Governors as I became, in my capacity as a Solicitor, Clerk to the Governors of my former day and boarding Grammar School.

I grew up in the Lake District and until I went to boarding school at the age of eleven, I attended the local village school which had only thirteen pupils and one Teacher! It was, of course, a far cry from the size and resources of St. Paul’s but, nevertheless, I felt secure and was generally happy there. One abiding memory of my school days was the inspiration I gained from dedicated teachers. I believe that inspiration facilitates learning, and from everything I have learned about St. Paul’s so far, the children there have an opportunity to succeed through the inspiration and dedication of the Head and the teaching staff, supported by the Governing Body.

Colin Hudson
Governor type:   Co-opted
Committee:    Finance & Premises

Father Richard Lamey

Governor Type:   Foundation, Pupil Premium, Vice-Chair of the Full Governing Body

Committee (s):    Learning & Teaching

Focus: Governor Training, Literacy, RE, PPG and Year 3

I am the Rector of St Paul's Church and therefore a Foundation Governor.  I am also the Pupil Premium Governor, responsible for making sure that those children, in particular, are making all of the progress that they should be and are flourishing at school.

My three children all went to a neighbouring Junior school and are now at three different Secondary schools in the local area which gives me a lot of experience of local education establishments!

I was very happy at my Junior School. I remember huge competition between the classes on Times Tables afternoons.  I was a prefect and remember learning loads of fascinating things about Romans.

The two best things about being a Governor are: getting to know the pupils and realising how individual, talented and eager to learn they are; and also being able to help the School make sure that the education St Paul's offers is the very best that it can be and as good as our pupils deserve.

Rachel Minter

Governor Type:   Parent

Committee (s):    Health, Safety & Environment

Focus: I am delighted to be a Parent Governor and member of the Health Safety an Environment Committee. 

I have one child who is currently in Year 6.

The best thing about being a governor is being able to give back to a school that has provided my son with fantastic support (both personally and academically) throughout his time at St Paul’s.

I am currently a Deputy Headteacher at Beechwood Primary School in Woodley where my passions include Safeguarding and Pupil Premium which means I get to work with the more vulnerable children and families.

I went to a church junior school called St James in Wallaston in the West Midlands and my overriding memory of my time there was music.  I had an inspirational teacher called Mrs Vincent who encouraged me to sing and learn to play the recorder, violin and piano.  Music is a big part of my life and teaching as a result.

Jan Norbury

Governor Type:   Foundation, Special Needs Link

Committee (s):    Learning & Teaching

Focus: I am a Foundation Governor, member of the Learning & Teaching Committee and governor link for the Special Needs department.

As a retired teacher I hope to use my skills and experience to support the school in providing a loving, caring environment based on Christian principles for all its children.

As a child, I vividly remember the teachers who made me feel good about myself and made me want to learn.  As a result, my professional career always centred on the needs of the individual child.  St Pauls’ ethos chimes with my own ideas for educating children so I was pleased to accept the position of Foundation Governor.

It was a good decision: I am enjoying being part of an exciting and dynamic community, where pupils and staff are valued, where school life is fun.

James Richardson
Governor type:    Co-opted
Committee:    Finance & Premises

Graham Swannell

Governor Type:   Co-opted

Committee (s):    Health & Safety

Julieanne Taylor

Governor Type: Headteacher

Committee: Learning and Teaching; Personnel and Finance; Health, Safety and Environment

Focus: every aspect of the work of the School

I really struggled at Junior School and I wasn’t very well behaved. I was regularly sent to the Headteacher. (This happened a lot!) Then I had Mr Bond, the best Y6 teacher ever. He taught me the importance of being the best version of me that I can be. He taught me to be brave and to take risks with my learning. He taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be.

Most parents can name a hundred things they want for their child. For my son, I wanted him to love learning, to be happy at school, surrounded by friends, nurtured by teachers who knew him well and wanted the best for him. I wanted him to go to a school like St Paul’s.

Being the Headteacher of this amazing school is the best job in the world. Being a governor is the 'icing on the cake' as it means that I get to work with a second team of like-minded people who believe that our pupils deserve the very best.

Ourania Tomlinson

Governor type:    Parent

Committee:           Finance & Premises

Focus: Finance and Premises

I am a parent governor with one daughter currently in Year 3 at St Paul’s and another daughter in F2 at Walter Infant School. 

I hope to use some of my skills and experience gained in the legal field to make a positive contribution to the work of the Board of Governors.

I loved school as a child and was a voracious reader.  Some of my fondest memories are of playing in the school’s netball team and playing Ratty in the school’s production of “Wind in the Willows”!  I was fortunate to have had some inspirational teachers who made learning fun and encouraged me to be the best I could be. 

I am very proud to be a parent governor at St Paul’s, where the children are well-supported and nurtured as individuals.  The best thing about being a governor is being able to play a part in supporting the on-going success of this great school.   

Penelope (Penny) Wallace

Governor type:    Local Authority Governor, Vice-Chair of the Full Governing Body

Committee(s):     Finance & Premises; Health, Safety & Environment, Learning & Teaching

Focus: SEN, Year 4 School Council

I am a Local Authority and Chair of Governors.

My school day memories are mostly happy. I went to a village Primary School, where everybody knew everybody, before going away to a boarding school.

The best thing about being a Governor? As a retired teacher, I love being back in school with plenty of scope to keep up with what is going on in education both locally and nationally.