At St. Paul’s, our approach to learning French reflects the fact that language is a practical tool for communication. Language learning at the school is interactive, with a strong emphasis on speaking and listening. Once children are confident with the building blocks of phonics, vocabulary and grammar, there are also opportunities for reading and writing French. Links are made with existing language knowledge of grammar and vocabulary in English, thus benefitting learning in both subjects.

A multi-sensory approach with the language features used in the context of stories, songs and games engenders engagement in language learning and helps make it accessible to all learners. With a clear progression of skills and knowledge, children build on prior knowledge and recognise their own progress. This way, they can see themselves as successful language learners.

At St Paul’s, children recognise the relevance and usefulness of language as a gateway to other cultures, providing opportunities for travel, study or work. Having awareness of traditions specific to French culture builds respect and understanding of all cultures, including within our increasingly international local community. This reinforces our school value of embracing difference and diversity.