Welcome to all of the families who will be joining us in September. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our New Parents’ Morning on Thursday 27th June at 9.15am, where you will get to learn more about St Paul’s and what it means to be a member of our special school family. We have four places left for Year 3 in September. If you are new to the area and thinking St Paul’s, please contact admissions@wokingham.gov.uk as they handle all admissions for our school.

Tuesday 17th October


The children and staff were in very good spirits this morning and by the time bags and bodies were loaded, our intrepid explorers departed at 10.53am.

The journey to Liddington takes approximately an hour (traffic permitting) and I will send out a parent mail confirming safe arrival.

More news later.

Mrs Taylor 

 Year 6 have arrived at Liddington. The coach drivers were very impressed with the behaviour of the children during the journey. Well done, Year 6 – what a great start!

After much excitement finding their rooms, the children dumped their bags and headed out to eat lunch.

This afternoon’s activities include: Archery, Climbing, Jacob’s Ladder, Fencing and Buggy Building, with each group completing two different tasks before dinner.

Archery - accuracy, control and a steady hand are vital for achieving the best results and for many of our children this will be the first time they will have tried shooting with a bow.

Climbing - the children need to combine different skills, including perseverance, strength, and an ability to deal with heights. They will be climbing an outdoor tower and a top-rope is always used for safety and auto-belay devices take up the slack as the climber ascends.

Jacob’s Ladder – this requires teamwork and friendly cooperation. The children wear safety harnesses attached to ropes. They work in teams of three to climb to the top of a suspended ladder of logs. The gaps between each log become wider the higher you go. Pushing up, pulling up, standing on shoulders - it's all about working together to get to the top.

Fencing – this activity is both a physical and a mental workout, in which the children learn to hone their strategies against an opponent. It requires physical endurance, agility, and accuracy.

Buggy Building – the children work in groups to design and build a working buggy. There will be a number of components available, including large plastic barrels, ropes and poles. This is a great teamwork exercise and helps pupils improve their communication, problem solving and decision-making skills. Once buggies are ready to be ridden, the children will attempt to complete a number of challenges, including navigating around a slalom course.

We are not expecting any photos of this year's trip until later this afternoon and to give you a taste of the things that children will be doing, I've included a few from previous trips. 

We have started to receive photos! As you will see, it is a gloriously sunny autumn afternoon and the children are having a brilliant time!
Just in - new photos from this afternoon.
More news later.
Mrs Taylor
The Birthday Boy thoroughly enjoyed his caterpillar cake beside the campfire this evening! It was a little too breezy for candles but there was a rousing rendition of the Birthday Song before Isaac shared his cake with a group of friends. 
Mrs Armstrong reports that all of the children have been absolutely brilliant and are rounding off their busy day with a good old sing song by the fire. Bed time is not far away and the children are tired but happy with all that they achieved during this afternoon's activities.